Façade Building Material

Facade Building Material

REFACE is the new engineered Filmic Material by Metamark. Reface is a self-adhesive, self-supporting textured film, which enables the total transformation of a building by covering the existing cladding.

Whether it’s applied during manufacture or construction, or in situ, Reface offers an economical alternative to paint with the added bonus of a 10 year Warranty!
With an expansive colour range of over 50 Standard Colours, plus the option of colour matching at practical minimum order quantities, Reface opens up a World of colour options for architects, designers, facilities managers and contractors, to produce bespoke panel finishes.

Engineered Filmic Materials have the potential to revolutionise construction and refurbishment.

Façade Building Material
UV Resistant - 10 year Warranty
Endless colour options
Easy to clean and maintain due to dirt resistant surface
Protects cladding underneath
Fire Resistant
Minimal disruption during installation