Hi-Lite™ 30 Classic is the perfect LED contour product to illuminate the properties of countless blue-chip clients – helping them stand out to their customers.

Hi-Lite™ 30 is perfect in public access areas. You can install Hi-Lite 30™ in retail chain stores, clubs and pubs, restaurants, cinemas, service stations, supermarkets, casinos. In fact, anywhere you want a flexible, 100% safe, consistent quality product with a pure and even spread of light that’s quick and easy to install.

Hi-Lite™ 30 tubes are available in a standard range of pure, vibrant colours – Visive can also match colours to individual requirements. The tubes are tough, reliable, easy to install and are supplied with our unique safety power supply.

All tubes are supplied fitted with male/female connectors which are plugged together and the tube fitted to the clips. All cables and connections are neatly hidden from sight behind the Hi-Lite™ tubes.

The benefits of Hi-Lite™ 30 Classic:
Uses 80% less energy than traditional alternatives
Safe to touch with zero shock risk
Manufactured in the UK from recyclable materials
A weatherproof product
Ensures a healthy 10-year lifespan
External and internal applications
A unique, easy to install system
Increased visibility