SoFlat – Frontlit features a scrimless, super smooth surface and non curling edge performance. It’s perfect for high resolution images printing. And for displays, roll ups, SoFlat is also the best choice. It’s printable with solvent, eco-solvent and UV printers.

Format: Wide
- Super smooth surface makes it perfect for high resolution printing
- Scrimless banner material
- Non curling appearance at the edge
- No lamination required
Weight: 440g/sq.m 13oz/sq.yd
Width: 0.914/ 1.07/ 1.10/ 1.37/ 2.20 36″ / 42″ / 43″ / 54″ / 87″
Application: Best suited for SOLO, pop-up, roll-up, X display, L display, screen scroll display, etc…
Ink Printability: SOL, ECO SOL, UV

 Technical Data