SoFlat – Backlit features a scrimless, super smooth surface and non curling edge performance. It’s perfect for high resolution images printing. As it is scrimless, SoFlat- Backlit is your first choice for high end light boxes. And for displays, roll ups, SoFlat is also the best choice. It’s printable with solvent, eco-solvent and UV printers.

Format: Wide
- Super smooth surface makes it perfect for high resolution printing
- Scrimless banner material present super clear image
- Anti curl appreance
- Excellent printing performance
Weight: 440g/sq.m 13oz/sq.yd
Width: 0.914/ 1.07/ 1.10/ 1.37/ 2.20 36″/ 42″ / 43″ / 54″ / 87″
Application: Best suitable for high quality wide format light boxes
Ink Printability: SOL, ECO SOL, UV