SiHL 3508

Dimensionally stable, hard-PVC film with a look and feel similar to cardboard for
installation in pop-up systems
DuraSOL Heavy is ideal for the production of graphics for exhibition wall and display
systems printed with solvent and UV inks. Its robust, hard-PVC base guarantees
outstanding stiffness and is tear resistant and waterproof. This makes the material
suitable for use in short- to medium-term outdoor applications. Prints impress with a
combination of high colour brilliance and good image sharpness that creates an
outstanding printed image.

– Brilliant colour reproduction
– Waterproof prints for short- to medium-term outdoor applications
– High scratch resistance
– High stiffness

General tips:
The converting and storage should take place in a climate from 35 to 65% to relative
humidity at a temperature from 10 to 30 C. Keep the product in the original packaging
(cardboard box and PE bag). It is always recommended that cotton gloves be used
when handling InkJet coated materials to avoid fingerprints.
The coating allows a very short drying time even with low heating temperatures on
eco- or true-solvent printers. The heaters should be set at maximum 30°C to avoid

SiHL 3508
Thickness (film) [µm]: 430Norm: ISO 4593
Weight [g/m²]: 630Norm: ISO 536

 Technical Data