SiHL 3385


Universal, satin canvas for industrial printing of art and photo reproductions
Vincent Canvas Plus Satin is a universal artistic, cotton / polyester blend canvas for
solvent, latex and UV inks. The satin finish enables prints with excellent colour
reproduction. The printed surface shows no signs of white-scoring and is splashproof.
The material was developed specifically with industrial printing of framed art and photo
application in mind and can therefore be used in automated framing machines.

– Brilliant colour reproduction
– Quick dry
– No white-scoring
– Splashproof

General tips:
The converting and storage should take place in a climate of 35 to 65% relative
humidity at temperatures of between 10 and 30°C. Due to the natural components
of the material it tends to curl when relative humidity is fairly high, which can
cause print head damage.
We recommend that the material is first removed from original packaging when
printing commences! After the printing process put the media back in its original
Cotton gloves are always recommended when handling Inkjet coated materials to
avoid fingerprints.

SiHL 3385
Weight [g/m²] 380 / Norm: ISO 536
Thickness (total) [µm] 475 Norm: ISO 534
Gloss (60°) 4.5 Norm: ISO 2813
Whiteness, CIE D65/2° 92Norm: ISO 11476

 Technical Data