The Sculptura system provides a strong structural framework from which it is possible to build sign cubes, rectangles and triangles to virtually any size and proportion.

Create free-standing columns with radius, triangular or square profiles. Give your signs the size and proportions which will guarantee maximum visual impact. Incorporate Slatz directories or design stencil cuts for flush-fitting sheet aluminium and back illumination. The possibilities for Sculptura are endless.

If you are looking for an alternative to horizontal panels with vertical posts, then take a look at Sculptura.

2 available outer frame-work extrusions

A 90° extrusion (Sculptura 90) allows you to build cubes and rectangles.
A 60° extrusion (Sculptura 60) allows you to build equilateral triangles.

Constructing a Sculptura sign

When considering the aesthetics of your Sculptura, a height to width ratio of 5 to1 is preferable. Sculptura signs over 2 metres high require additional internal structural support. A suitable method is to provide additional internal bracing for securing to steel posts within the Sculptura sign.

Design tip!

Incorporate a Slatz directory system into a Sculptura 90 sign.