PromoSteel is a wide format digitally printable PET material with an iron/ferrous coating. It can be printed on a wide range of printers and ink delivery systems – see appendix for details.
Ideal for Instore retail displays, the PromoSteel is lightweight and after printing it can be rolled and distributed by post to stores/franchises. In store staff can be used to change the displays so saving time and cost. It is supplied with a white matte surface.

The PromoSteel requires a magnetic base applied to the wall which can be temporary or permanent and once this base is installed the PromoSteel can be changed very quickly. Because the material is so light weight and thin then it is easy to transport and install. Another feature of this system is that extra layers can be added, for special offers for example.

• PromoSteel SOL 1270-50
• PromoSteel SOL 1370-50
• PromoSteel DYE 1270-50
• PromoSteel DYE 1020-50
• 1270mm x 0.19mm x 50m
• 1370mm x 0.19mm x 50m
• 1270mm x 0.19mm x 50m
• 1020mm x 0.19mm x 50m
• Our standard width, suitable for Solvent, Eco Solvent and UV printers
• Wider material can give a better yield for certain applications
• Use with dye inks for best results