Progressive Down Light 2


Progressive Down Light 2 for petroleum canopies is a universal 1‑for‑1 upgrade of existing canopy lights. This luminaire continues to set new standards with its revolutionary design, optimized radiation pattern, and slim profile.

– Directs light to the dispensers with a smooth transition away from the canopy
– Installs with one person and does not require site surveys
– Saves up to 78% energy compared with typical HID fixtures

Shoebox / cover plate:
Mounts directly to or hides the footprint of the previous 2′ × 2′ HID fixture, eliminating the need to touch‑up, paint, or install custom trims.

Progressive reflector:
Focuses light on task areas while softly illuminating peripheral area for increased safety and security.

Reflective bars:
Reflect light towards street traffic to make the canopy more visible.

Progressive Down Light 2