Holding Magnets


“Maximised holding & sheer strength.”
Developed specifically for retail applications, NeoPads are a proven solution providing sheer strength. NeoPads provide sheer forces up to 30kg and various methods of mounting onto your displays.
All of our NeoPads are resin-coated to ensure no scratches result from their application to steelwork.

NeoPads can be produced to your required strength with any of the following fixings (pictured):
– Stud – A multipurpose fixing option.
– Thread hole – A multipurpose fixing option.
– Coat hook – Our NeoPad Coat Hook provides more than enough strength for holding coats on a vertical surface.
– Picture hook – NeoPad picture hooks are manufactured to offer powerful holding forces on a vertical surface. This offers great flexibility, allowing you to hang pictures or images anywhere, eliminating the need to drill holes.

Neopads are available in the following standard sizes


Holding Magnets