Fast, easy production of product packaging mock-ups, 600g of cutting force!

Fast, easy production of product packaging mockups
The FC4510-60 features built-in speciality functions for accurate, easy cutting of microflute board and cardboard to create prototype boxes for client presentations.

The ability to read registration marks, substrate-specific creasing/scoring on the reverse side to create fold lines and specifiable cutting and creasing/scoring functions to suit the characteristics are all functions that meet industry needs for high-performance cutting.

2-Tool Mounting for Easy Switching
Two tools can be mounted at the same time for easy switching. If you mount the cutter plunger and the creasing/scoring tool at the same time, you can perform both cutting and scoring operations without having to exchange tools. If you mount a plotter pen, you can draw check plots before commencing the actual cutting.

600 g of cutting force makes easy work of thick, hard materials
Sandblast rubber for masonry and sign templates. Or cut thick, stiff card for shoe-making CAD applications – how about slicing right through stencil card for spray-painting labels on oil drums?

Flatbed configuration cuts media that you can’t use with a grit-rolling cutting plotter
Including media that doesn’t have a backing sheet, and rigid card stock that cannot be bent. Handles thick sandblast rubber, and short lengths of vinyl, card, or rubber!

The pen carriage holds a plotting pen as well as a cutter so that you can draw a test plot prior to cutting without the need to exchange pens. And check out the FC4500’s ability to auto-sense printed registration marks for easy contour cutting around each outline.