In the FC2250 series, 6 Models are available. Each model has a different table size and hold-down method, allowing you to select a model to suit your needs.

Key Features
• The built-in Automatic Registration Mark Sensing system further simplifies contour cutting of printed materials
• A tool lineup for cutting of thick paper and corrugated cardboard E/F/G grade
• Cutting force up to a maximum of 1kgf
• Comes complete with plug-in for direct use with Adobe illustrator or CorelDraw
• Simple creasing function.

Automatic registration mark detection
The first registration mark is detected automatically, eliminating the need to position the head to the registration mark manually. Subsequent registration marks are automatically redetected even if marks are not immediately found, saving the time of starting over.

Full software support
Registration mark commands are provided to control ARMS functions from your software applications such as the Cutting Master 2.