DigiTrim DT95 Anti Graffiti Laminate


The self-adhesive polyester film protects prints ON other smooth surfaces against graffitis and vandalism. The highly scratch resistant surface ensures that graffiti’s can be wiped off easily without leaving residues.

DigiTrim DT95 Anti Graffiti Laminate
Protection of prints against graffitis
For the protection of surfaces in schools, waiting rooms or other public facilities
Likewise suitable for the creation of whiteboards

Product advantages:
Best anti-graffiti laminating film for smooth surfaces
Ideal cleaning characteristics (can be cleaned with very aggressive cleaning substances)
Highly scratch-resistant surface
Highly glossy surface
Graffiti can be easily removed from the surface
Thanks to the extreme high quality of this product, graffiti can be removed without damaging the surface of the film

Face film: Polyester (with special varnish)
Thickness: 50 µm
Adhesive: Acrylic pressure sensitive adhesive
Adhesive characteristics: Permanent
Release liner: PE liner
Surface: Smooth surfaces
Minimum outdoor durability: 5 years
Dimensions: 50 m x 1.37 m