DigiTrim DT350 Frost Etch


Printable etch glass film with a 3-5 year life.

DigiTrim DT350 Frost Etch is a transparent, matt, calendered PVC that is used for decorative window film applications where an etched/engraved effect is required. It is suitable for use on a wide variety of clean, dry surfaces but would typically be used on windows or clear panels.
Applications would include commercial advertising, corporate placement, glass conspicuity in areas of high population (such as shopping centres and educational establishments) and architectural enhancement.

DigiTrim DT350 Frost Etch
Description Monomeric calendered PVC
Colour: Transparent matt
Thickmess 80μ
Weight: N/A
Adhesive: Solvent based acrylic, permanent
Adhesive strength: 20N/25mm (Finat TM 1/24h)
Release paper: PE coated silicone paper, 140g/m²
Temperature range: -30°C to +90°C
Durability (unprinted): 3 years
Flame retardancy: B1
Shelf life: 2 years, 20°C / 50% humidity