Contra Vision® Sprint™


Winner of SGIA 2013 Product of the Year

Contra Vision® Sprint™ features a print-receptive adhesive so you can apply it inside and view it from the outside. It is repositionable and can also be easily and cleanly removed, stored and reapplied elsewhere. Contra Vision® Sprint™ is ideal for projects where clients want to apply the graphics themselves and where access to the inside of the glass is easier than to the outside.

How It Works

Contra Vision® Sprint™ features a print-receptive specialised adhesive. Print on the adhesive then apply.


Additional Benefits

Applying your graphics inside reduces risk of vandalism, dirt and rain water damage.

We also incorporate Grayliner™ technology with Contra Vision® Sprint™ to give you a realistic impression of how your graphics will look when applied.

Two variations are available.

White on Black Face Film: high quality one-way graphics.

Translucent White Face Film: Contra Vision® BACKLITE™ see-through graphics with 24-hour visibility.

What You’ll Need

Contra Vision® Sprint™ is designed for use with low-solvent inkjet printers only and does not require white ink, laminating or other post-print processes; making it one of our most quick and convenient products to work with.

storage and Aftercare

Care should always be taken to avoid contaminating your film with dust and dirt. If you keep your film clean, you will be able to reuse it whenever you like.

To store your film, retain the original liner paper and place the adhesive side of the film on the back, white side of the liner. Thoroughly clean the surface before reapplying your film and avoid contaminating the adhesive when handling.

For more information on Contra Vision® Sprint™, please refer to the relevant technical data sheet.

Contra Vision® Sprint™
Inside yes
Outside no
Range of Transparency yes
Contra Vision BACKLITE yes
Non-PVC no

 Technical Data