New features in CE6000 Series

• Improved Initial Down Force
• Enhanced ARMS to 5.0, improving productivity of Print &Cut
• NEW perforation cut function
• NEW auto paneling function
• 2 operation modes (Normal and Advanced)
• New large graphic type LCD display
• Menu in 10 languages
• Supplied with enhanced software as standard

Improved ARMS 5 for Precision cutting of printed images with 4-point axis alignment
This feature compensates for any distortion on the X and Y-axis using our world beating algorithms.(Two-axis correction is Graphtec’s proprietary technology.) This leads to more accurate registration and improves the reliability and quality of Print & Cut.

Comes complete with all the software you would need
The CE6000 series plotters are supplied with two pieces of superb software to get you up and Running as soon as you open the box.

Cutting Master
This comprehensive plug in software allows you to cut directly from Adobe illustrator or Corel Draw and even allows you to take over operation from the control panel on the plotter. Cutting Master is probably the most useful well of incorporating the Graphtec cutters with your chosen RIP software.

Graphtec Studio
For those users who do not already own a vinyl cutting software, we also supply Graphtec Studio. This feature rich package has a full range of design tools, including vectorisation, inline/outline, shadows, distortion and welding.

Multiple marks compensation
When the design is printed with the matrix copy function, the action of reading the marks and contour cutting is repeated in each individual copy. This can significantly improve productivity when working with Print and Cut.
* This function is available when the Graphtec Studio or the Cutting Master 3 software is used.

Auto mark detection
The first registration mark is automatically detected within a wide search area: this eliminates the need to manually move the sensor near the registration mark position. Subsequent marks are automatically located which greatly improves the speed of the registration mark searching.