3M™ Controltac™ IJ180-10


A premium cast white film (50 µm) with a permanent, grey pigmented, positionable adhesive for easy application. Optimised for Piezo Ink Jet printing. Suitable for application onto flat or corrugated surfaces, with or without rivets. Removable with a removal system. Up to 10 years durability. Recommended overlaminates: 8518/8520 and 8580.

3M™ Controltac™ IJ180-10
Adhesive Content: Solvent acrylic
Adhesive Controltac/Comply: Controltac™
Adhesive Type: Pressure-activated
Application Method: Dry
Applications: Buildings, Cars & Vans, Opaque signs, Public transport, Trucks
Application Temperature (C): +4°C minimum (air and substrate)
Colour Name: White
Film Type: Cast
Length :50 m
Max. Durability: 10 years
Opacity: Opaque
Performance Level: Premium
Removability: Removable with heat or chemicals
Removal Method: Fair to remove with heat and/or chemicals from supported substrates. No liability is given for ease or speed of removal of any graphic.
Service Temperature: -60°C to +107°C
Substrate Type: ABS, Aluminium, Glass, Paint, PMMA, Polycarbonate
Surface Finish: Glossy
Surface Type: Compound curves, Corrugations, Flat, Flat with rivets, Simple curves
Thickness (film): 50 µm
Width: 1.37 m

 Technical Data