3M™ 2080 Wrap Film


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A protective film layer on gloss colours.
Stays on during installation then is removed quickly, easily and cleanly after install to reduce surface impressions and scratches.

Unique, conformable film layers.
Provide a better fit around curves and in channels for sleek appearance and easier installation.

An improved warranty.
Gives your customers confidence with up to eight years of protection on vertical applications.

3M™ 2080 Wrap Film
Material: cast vinyl
Thickness (film without / with adhesive) Values apply to 2080-M12; designs vary slightly in thickness ISO 534: 3.5 ± 0.4 mil (0,09 ± 0,01 mm) / 4.5 ± 0.6 mil (0,11 ± 0,015 mm)
Adhesive type: Acrylic, pressure-activated (slideable, repositionable), with air release channels
Adhesive appearance: Grey or clear, depending on film color
Note: Grey adhesive color may be darker or lighter depending on the film color.
Adhesion: Aluminum etched 5.6 ± 1.1 lbf/in (25 ± 5 N /25 mm)
Indicative values FTM 1, 24 h 23°C/50%RH Paint 3.4 ± 1.1 lbf/in (15 ± 5 N /25 mm)
Applied shrinkage: < 15 mils (0,4 mm) FTM 14
Liner: Polyethylene-coated paper
Application method: dry only!
Substrate type: Aluminum, chrome, glass, ABS, paint**, fiberglass with gel coat (The application of film onto glass can cause glass break by uneven heat absorption through sun exposure. 3M does not accept liability for glass breakage.
** Check adhesion to powder-coated or water-based paints.)
Application temperature: 60 – 90 °F (16 – 32 °C)
3M recommends application at +65 °F to 73 °F (+18°C to +23 °C) for optimum ease of application.
Temperature range after application:-65 to +225 °F (-53 to +107 °C)
Chemical Resistance - Resists mild alkalis, mild acids, and salt
- Excellent resistance to water (does not include immersion)
- Resists occasional fuel spills
FlammabilityASTM E84 test report: click here or go to the On-line Catalog at 3Mgraphics.com
All available test reports: call 1-800-328-3908
Flammability standards are different from country to country. Ask your local 3M contact for details, please.

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